CT is the second most expensive state for smokers

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Smoking costs Connecticut smokers $2,447, 965 over a lifetime, behind only New York smokers, according to a new analysis by Wallet Hub. Not only is smoking the leading preventable cause of death, killing 480,000 Americans each year, accounting for one in five deaths, but it is also a substantial economic burden on smokers and their families. The report estimates that each year smoking costs Connecticut smokers $3,672 in out-of-pocket costs (2nd highest state), $32,191 in financial opportunity costs (what those funds would have earned if saved and invested  — 2nd highest), $5,704 in healthcare costs, $6,108 in income loss (5th highest), and $325 in other costs. Smokers die ten years earlier than non-smokers on average. Smoking costs the entire US (including nonsmokers) over $300 billion each year including almost $170 billion in health costs for adults and over $156 billion in lost productivity. Connecticut smokers who want to quit can get help by calling 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-866) any time or day or click here for more help.