CT health systems ranked poorly by their nurses

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Connecticut health systems underperform in an analysis of nurses’ satisfaction with their employers by MIT’s Sloan School of Management. Only four health systems covering Connecticut had enough data to be included in the study – Hartford Healthcare, Yale-New Haven Health, Trinity, and the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Nurses working at Yale-New Haven and the VA were slightly more satisfied than the US average, both overall and across themes; nurses working for either Hartford Healthcare or Trinity were much less satisfied than their colleagues across the nation. Overall, the VA system ranked 93rd in nurse satisfaction among 200 US employers, while Yale-New Haven ranked 99th, Hartford Healthcare 147th, and Trinity was 159th.

It is important to note that, while most nurses employed by Hartford Healthcare and Yale-New Haven work in Connecticut hospitals, nurses employed at St. Francis Hospital and the West Haven VA Medical Center are only a small part of their national networks.

The report analyzed reviews by US nurses about their employers on Glassdoor, where current and former employees anonymously review their employers, from the beginning of the COVID pandemic through June 2023. The ratings reflect the number of standard deviations above or below the mean for all 200 US healthcare employers covered in the ratings.

Researchers sorted the comments into five themes. They found that negative comments about toxic culture, organizational support, compensation, and workload were the strongest predictors of how satisfied nurses were with their employers. Toxic culture was twice as important than the other themes for nurses who eventually quit. Senior leadership scores reflect standard deviations from the mean on positive and negative comments by nurses about senior leadership at their employer.