CT Health Policy Project turns ten

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The number of CT residents living without health insurance is up 18% in the last ten years. Ten years ago the CT Health Policy Project began our work to improve access to quality, affordable health care for every CT resident. In the last ten years we’ve published 223 analyses, briefs and studies and mentored 43 students. To mark the occasion we asked nine prominent CT stakeholders to reflect on how health care has changed in our state in the last decade and make predictions for the future. Contributors include Pat Baker of the CT Health Foundation, Congressman Joe Courtney, former Congresswoman Nancy Johnson, Sen. Edith Prague, Rep. Betsy Ritter, Gary Spinner PA, Hillary Waldman of the Hispanic Health Council and former Hartford Courant health reporter, State Comptroller Nancy Wyman and Jill Zorn of the Universal Health Care Foundation of CT.
The CT Health Policy Project wants to thank the many students, volunteers, interns, fellows, Board members, funders, collaborators, donors, staff, clients, bureaucrats, elected officials, very supportive family and friends who have made the last ten years not only possible, but a joy. We all get five minutes to reflect, then back to work.
Ellen Andrews