CT employer coverage eroded over last decade, well before ACA implementation

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A new report by SHADAC finds that 11.3% fewer CT firms offered health benefits to workers in 2012/2013 than eight years before, following national trends. Most of that loss happened in the last four years (8.8%) following the economic downturn, but well before implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Eligibility for coverage (among employers who offer coverage) didn’t change significantly in CT over the eight years, but take-up rates slid by 7.1%. That slide was likely driven by rising premiums which grew by 45% for singles and 48% for families. Workers at small firms were hardest hit – they are less than half as likely to be offered coverage and even that rate dropped 17.1% over the eight years. Also following national trends, part-time CT workers are less than half as likely to be eligible for coverage at work although that percentage didn’t change significantly.  While far more likely to be offered coverage, workers at large firms lost ground over the eight years both in offers and take up rates.