Community Care Teams addressing high-cost Medicaid member needs

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Friday’s MAPOC Complex Care Committee meeting focused on Community Care Teams (CCTs) that collaborate across social service to help people with complex health problems. So far, seven CT communities are developing or already operating CCTs that focus on frequent ED visitors. The CCT teams include hospitals, behavioral health and primary care providers with community resources such as food and housing programs. CCTs include regular meetings of all partners, to review cases and align treatment resources, as well as dedicated staff to connect with patients and help them navigate the resources. At the committee meeting we heard from Middlesex County’s CCT, which started three years ago and has already achieved impressive reductions in ED usage and costs. The Middlesex CCT has saved an estimated $1.7 million in ED costs to date. Each ER visit avoided by a Medicaid member saves the program an average of $915.66. On behalf of DSS, CHNCT and the CT Behavioral Health Program both support and participate in CCTs across the state. Funds this year to support and expand CCTs across the state were cut from the state budget but there is optimism that funding in next year’s budget will be protected.