Comments and alternatives to the Health Care Cabinet’s draft proposal for reform

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As directed in a law passed last year, the Health Care Cabinet is considering a draft Strawman proposal drafted by consultants for comprehensive, statewide health care reform in Connecticut. Many concerns have been raised about the very ambitious proposal which includes merging all state agencies that touch health care, ACOs with downside risk, an 1115 waiver for Medicaid, aligning the state employee and Medicaid coverage plans, among other ideas. Comments on the Strawman from the CT Health Policy Project, and an alternative set of options, focuses on building trust in our state by piloting lots of ideas that are working in other states. A one-size-fits-all solution dictated by the state is unlikely to succeed. Our comments focus on pilots, evaluating what works and what didn’t, and making appropriate adjustments. We need to follow what works, abandon what doesn’t and we need evaluations and data to know the difference. The Cabinet reconvenes tomorrow morning to continue the discussion. Independent advocates and providers sent a letter Friday asking for an opportunity for public input into the Cabinet’s final recommendations.