Comment open on leading healthcare value pricing methodology

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The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) is seeking public input on their methodology to their development of benchmark prices for tests, treatments, drugs and innovations based on their value. ICER, an independent non-profit research institute, is the key source for value-based assessments. Their reports are used by the VA, Medicare, Medicaid, commercial plans and other payers.  The value assessment framework is the result of over ten years’ experience engaging all stakeholders, especially patients, to assess both clinical and cost effectiveness of healthcare services and is updated regularly. Public input into past framework updates led ICER to revise evaluation of treatments for rare diseases, to share the model with manufacturers, update the Quality-Adjusted Life Years (QALY) standard, highlight non-clinical benefits for patients, and invite manufacturers to include research and development cost information to be included in reports. This time ICER is especially seeking input on cost-effectiveness thresholds for both common and ultra-rare conditions, how to incorporate real-world evidence into clinical assessments, use of the QALY and new revisions to the measure, and how to include benefits and other factors that are hard to capture. Comments will be open until June 5th at 5pm; click here to learn more about how to comment.