Briefing focuses on CT nurses’ role in improving population health

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The CT Nursing Collaborative-Action Coalition held a briefing today on Building a Culture of Health in Hartford with the CT League for Nursing and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Sue Hassmiller from RWJ briefed the audience on the critical role of prevention and population-based services in improving health and the central role of nurses in that effort. One RWJ program pairing visiting nurses with high-risk families returned $5.70 for every dollar spent supporting pregnancy and early childhood. She emphasized that much of health outcomes are outside the traditional medical system, commenting that “the choices we make are based on the choices we have.” The CT Nursing Collaborative-Action Coalition is working to build healthier communities in our state through a strong, diverse nursing workforce. Efforts include engaging nurses to serve on Boards,  developing models to help nurses progress up the career ladder, and creating an online tutorial for population health concepts. A new survey of RN and LPN programs in CT found that most students are ages 22 to 25 (RNs) and 26 to 30 (LPNs), most faculty teach part time, and the vast majority are white.