APCD Roundtable – lessons for CT

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Yesterday’s CT Health Policy Roundtable on All-Payer Claims Databases yielded many lessons for CT from other states and organizations. Lessons included the need for strong privacy and security protections, avoiding commercial uses, licensing to universities and organizations rather than individuals, and developing a transparent, fair process for access to the data based on the needs of all stakeholders. Common challenges included governance, funding, and integrating clinical and claims data. Speakers included Jo Porter of the APCD Council, David Newman of the Health Care Cost Institute, Cynthia Millane of FairHealth.org, State Comptroller Kevin Lembo, and Tamim Ahmed of Access Health Analytics, CT’s developing APCD. Pat Baker of the CT Health Foundation moderated. The Roundtable was sponsored by the CT Health Policy Project, the CT Center for Patient Safety and Access Health Analytics with funding from the CT Health Foundation. Slides and background materials are online.