Annual comparison of health plans out

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The CT Insurance Dept. has released their 2009 Consumer Report Card on Health Insurance Carriers in CT. The report compares insurance plans on the number of participating providers and 14 quality measures including rates of cancer screening, immunization rates and the percent of physicians who are board certified. For example, the percentage of patients who’ve been hospitalized with heart disease who are now managed for their cholesterol levels varies from a low of 55.6% (Oxford) to a high of 74.3% (HealthNet). Eye exams for people with diabetes vary from 56.2% (Oxford) to 75.2% (ConnectiCare). Beta blockers after heart attacks ranged from 38.6% (ConnectiCare) to 100% (Aetna). The report also includes insurers’ customer appeal numbers; rates of denials that were reversed on appeal range from 25.8% (HealthNet) to 57.2% (Anthem). Medical loss ratios varied from 81.5% (Oxford) to 85.8% (ConnectiCare). The report also includes information on member satisfaction, prescriptions, mental health and substance abuse services as well as a very helpful glossary of terms. The comparisons are based on 2008 data. The report also includes insurer’s customer service phone #s and government agencies to call for help.
Ellen Andrews