Advocates’ letter urges delay of SIM plans for Medicaid

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Fifteen independent advocates sent a letter to the administration yesterday expressing deep concerns with SIM’s Community and Clinical Integration Plan (CCIP) for Medicaid. Advocates are concerned that CCIP will undermine hard-won progress in our state’s Medicaid program that has improved access to high quality care while controlling costs. In contrast to successful programs in other states, SIM is proposing that CCIP be required of Medicaid provider networks in CT. Deep concerns about CCIP have been shared recently and in September regarding the costs and burdens placed on providers, over-prescriptive standards that are not evidence based, and the need to engage other payers beyond Medicaid. In the letter, advocates urge the administration to delay a mandate that developing Medicaid provider networks adopt and fund CCIP’s extensive standards to allow time for study to integrate with ongoing Medicaid and community efforts, avoid duplications, resolve conflicts, and engage other payers.