$3 million in ACA insurance rebates coming to CT residents

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69,186 CT residents will soon receive $3 million in rebates from insurers that spent less than 80% (individual coverage) or 85% (large groups) of premiums on medical or quality improvement services last year. The rebates result from Medical Loss Ratio provisions in the ACA. CT’s total is down from $5.6 million in total refunds for 2012. National totals are down as well suggesting that insurers are doing a better job of pricing their products and reducing excessive administrative costs and profits. CT individual market refunds average only $14 compared to the national average of $85 but CT large group customers will do better with average refunds of $183 compared to $73 nationally. No small group consumers in CT will receive refunds in this round. The refunds could come as a check in the mail, a reimbursement to the account that paid the premium, a reduction in future premiums or through the employer but in a way that benefits the consumer.