Advocacy Decision Tree: Federal, State or Local?

To decide which level(s) of government can help with your problem:

Answering this question may involve some research. For help, go to Research tips for the decision tree.

Did you learn about your issue from a government source or something that referenced a government program, e.g. a notice from the HUSKY program or Medicare about your benefits, a letter from your doctor about provider fees in Medicaid, about state plans for a health care program?

If you learned about your issue from a news report, which government sources did the reporter contact for information?

Is your issue related to one of these programs/areas?

These are general guidelines and the lines of accountability get fuzzy at times.

Medicare Federal
Medicaid, HUSKY State
Health insurance Start with the State Healthcare Advocate
Public health All three, start with state
Veterans’ health Federal  and State
Consumer protection Start with the State Healthcare Advocate
Uninsured Start with your state legislators Contacting elected officials
Prescription drug coverage Start with the State Healthcare Advocate
Long term care State
Hospitals State
Mental health or substance abuse Start with the state
Developmental Disabilities Start with the state
Home care State
Environmental health Start with state
Access Health CT, Affordable Care Act coverage State
Schools and school-based health Local and state
Health care for persons with disabilities Start with state
Health equity State, federal
Professional practices in health care State


This is only a partial list – if your area is not included in one of these topics, go to Research tips for the decision tree.

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If your issue is federal, some resources to help are:

Call your elected officials – Even if this is not about a vote, their offices can be exceptional resources in navigating governmental systems.

Connecticut’s US Senators:

Senator Richard Blumenthal

Senator Christopher Murphy

Click here to find your Congressional Representative

Also, check the US government portal for information,

If your issue is local

Find your Connecticut municipal government on-line here

Contact your city or town executive offices – Mayor, First Selectman, School Superintendent

Contact your local legislative representative(s) – City Council, Alderman

Or Contact your local public health department

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