How to Contact Elected Officials

If you are a constituent, living in their district, be sure to say so

To call the Governor:

Local phone number (Hartford area): 860-566-4840

Toll-free: 800-406-1527

To contact your legislators:

Click here to find your legislators using your address. Fill in Town first, Street Name second, and the number of your home third. You will get a list of your state and federal legislators with links to directly send an email or to their contact page. Share your thoughts and be sure to say that you are a constituent.

Check out their websites for upcoming events, issues they are working on, and to join their email list

You can find your State Representative’s website here

You can find your State Senator’s website here

To call state legislators’ offices:

Use their website to learn which Caucus they belong to (Senate or House, Democrat or Republican), call the Caucus at the number below, and ask for their office. You’ll likely have to leave a message for their aide. Tell them you are a constituent, give your phone number and/or email address, and a very quick message about what you are asking for.

Senate Democrats                  1-800-842-1420

Senate Republicans                1-800-842-1421

House Republicans                 1-800-842-1423

House Democrats                   1-800-842-1902


Click here for more on writing to a state legislator

Addressing letters to state political leaders:


Envelope:        His/Her Excellency, The Honorable ___________

Governor, State of Connecticut

Executive Chambers, The Capitol

Hartford, Connecticut 06106-1591

Letter: Dear Governor ______: or Dear Sir/Madam:


State Senator

Envelope:        The Honorable ..........................

State Senate

Legislative Office Building

Hartford, Connecticut 06106-1591

Letter: Dear Senator __________: or Dear Sir/Madam:


State Representative

Envelope:        The Honorable ..........................

State House of Representatives

Legislative Office Building

Hartford, Connecticut 06106-1591

Letter: Dear Representative __________: or Dear Sir/Madam:


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