Advocates’ guide to underservice recommendations

By Ellen Andrews | August 7, 2015

Connecticut’s State Innovation Model (SIM) is seeking to radically transform our state’s $30 billion health system by aligning incentives to…

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Webinar online – Caring for high-need patients – Lessons for CT

By Ellen Andrews | June 24, 2015

Evidence is growing that we cannot fix our health care system without addressing the needs of the small number of…

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Best practices guide on integrating behavioral health into primary care

By Ellen Andrews | June 9, 2015

Up to 70% of physician visits involve a mental health issue and health care costs for people with mental health…

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Backgrounder on Hartford health needs for Malta House of Care

By Ellen Andrews | April 27, 2015

Last week CTHPP gave a presentation for the Malta House of Care on health care needs in Hartford and health…

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Weeds you should understand

By Ellen Andrews | April 20, 2015

A great NY Times Upshot article describes, in normal English, the difference between mortality and survival rates. They do sound…

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Only 36% of CT physicians have any shared savings arrangements, correcting questionable SIM estimates from 2013 driving expansive policy

By Ellen Andrews | April 15, 2015

UConn’s new SIM survey of CT physicians found that currently only 36% of CT physicians participate in any shared savings…

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Medicaid update – impressive quality dashboard demo

By Ellen Andrews | January 20, 2015

At Friday’s Medicaid Council meeting, DSS demonstrated their upcoming HUSKY Health Data Dashboard. When it goes live the dashboard will…

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Questionable Hartford flu numbers

By Ellen Andrews | January 5, 2015

A fascinating piece from CT by the Numbers digs into why conflicting reports find over 150,000 flu cases in Hartford…

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CT’s APCD chooses data contractor, concerns remain

By Ellen Andrews | November 12, 2014

The Hartford Business Journal is reporting that CT’s developing all-payer claims database (APCD), run by AccessHealthCT, has chosen Onpoint Health…

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