State Health Compare finds CT access to care is good but costly

By Ellen Andrews | June 7, 2023

Connecticut residents have very good access to healthcare, but care is unaffordable for too many. 93% of CT residents have…

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Report estimates public coverage not available for 56,000 CT noncitizen residents next year

By Ellen Andrews | May 9, 2023

A new report by the Urban Institute estimates that 67% of Connecticut’s uninsured noncitizen residents won’t be eligible for Medicaid,…

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Good-ish news: CT is 13th best state for nurses to work in

By Ellen Andrews | May 8, 2023

Wallet Hub finds that Connecticut is a pretty good state for nurses to work. But the researchers found a big…

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Analysis: How Brain Shortcuts Undermine Policymaking

By Ellen Andrews | April 29, 2023

Thinking is hard work. Adult brains are only 2% of our body weight, but they use 20% of our body’s…

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Report finds Hartford Hospital got $78 million more in tax breaks than they invested in communities, 2020

By Ellen Andrews | April 17, 2023

In 2020, Hartford Hospital received $78 million more in tax breaks than they paid out in charity care and community…

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Op-Ed: Artificial Intelligence can be the solution, when it isn’t the problem

By Ellen Andrews | April 14, 2023

Legislators want the state to evaluate the growing role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in state agency decision making. As a…

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Study finds only two thirds of CT patients getting primary care, 11th worst in US

By Ellen Andrews | March 26, 2023

Download the report A new study by Fair Health found that of Connecticut patients who had a medical visit from…

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CT low wage workers pay more but get less health benefits

By Ellen Andrews | March 25, 2023

Download the data Download the brief Connecticut workers with the least resources are charged more for less, when they are…

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Analysis: Are Connecticut Hospitals Losing Money? It Depends

By Ellen Andrews | March 22, 2023

 Our state’s hospitals are hemorrhaging money according to the Connecticut Hospital Association. They report losses of $164 million last year.…

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