Care Delivery

CT Medicaid primary care redesign: Payment reform

By Ellen Andrews | October 12, 2023

Download the full report with sources Connecticut Medicaid is considering reforms to primary care delivery and payment. The CT Health…

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CT primary care redesign: What the evidence says

By Ellen Andrews | September 12, 2023

Early in 2023, Connecticut’s Department of Social Services (DSS) embarked on an ambitious planning process to make significant changes to…

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Analysis: CT State Employee Health Plan Tied for Richest in US

By Ellen Andrews | July 25, 2023

Last year, Connecticut’s health plan for current state employees and their dependents covered 98% of the costs of that care,…

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Analysis: Limiting the Metrics We Use to Track Healthcare is Cheating

By Ellen Andrews | July 7, 2023

The quality of healthcare in Connecticut is average at best. There is a strong consensus that provider payments should be…

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Study finds only two thirds of CT patients getting primary care, 11th worst in US

By Ellen Andrews | March 26, 2023

Download the report A new study by Fair Health found that of Connecticut patients who had a medical visit from…

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CT Medicaid costs stable but hospital spending needs monitoring

By Ellen Andrews | March 4, 2023

Download the report Sources below Connecticut Medicaid per member costs are stable and growing slower than other states. CT Medicaid…

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Legislators hear voices calling for consolidation protections to lower healthcare costs

By Ellen Andrews | February 22, 2023

Download our testimony Yesterday’s public hearing testimony was largely supportive of two bills to prohibit anti-competitive clauses in hospital system…

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CT hospital readmission penalties higher than US, again

By Ellen Andrews | November 1, 2022

Even with an eased formula due to COVID, all but one acute care Connecticut hospital will be penalized by Medicare…

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Primary care spending boost and capitation didn’t work in private plans either

By Ellen Andrews | September 19, 2022

The big idea circulating in some CT health policy circles to control the costs of healthcare is to boost primary…

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