Who We Are & Why We Did This is sponsored by the CT Health Policy Project. Since 1999, we have been working to improve access to affordable, quality healthcare for every state resident. The Project is a nonprofit, nonpartisan consumer advocacy organization working across issue areas to improve healthcare. We provide balanced information on health policy options to consumers, policymakers, media, payers, providers, and other advocates. More about us

The CT Health Policy Project was one of the lead organizations opposing the troubled MCOs in Connecticut Medicaid from our beginning in 1999 to January 1, 2012 when our state removed MCOs from HUSKY and moved to a managed fee-for-service plan. Since then, access and quality of care for state Medicaid members has improved and the state has saved billions of taxpayer dollars.

We recently learned that Governor Lamont was exploring returning to MCOs for Connecticut Medicaid. Those explorations were happening in private meetings without critical stakeholder or legislative input. We believe that sunshine is critical to good policymaking. We created to inform Connecticut about what is at stake if MCOs come back to HUSKY – what happened before, what the evidence since then says, and how to get your voice heard.