CTNJ: Top Lawmakers Respond To Idea Of Managed Care For Medicaid Patients

By Ellen Andrews | April 17, 2024

Top state lawmakers from both parties say they’re anxious to learn more about the drawbacks and benefits of the state…

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Analysis: The Governor Could Be Making a Big Mistake

By Ellen Andrews | April 16, 2024

When I first heard the rumor from various sources that Gov. Ned Lamont was exploring returning control of the HUSKY…

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CTNJ: Key Lawmaker Pledges To Fight Potential Lamont Plan On Managed Care For Medicaid Patients

By Ellen Andrews | April 13, 2024

CT News Junkie reports: Key state lawmaker said Thursday she opposes the idea of reverting back to a controversial managed…

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CTNJ: Lamont Considering Return To Managed Care For Medicaid Despite Costly History

By Ellen Andrews | April 13, 2024

CT News Junkie reports: Ned Lamont is considering a plan to revert the state back to a managed care strategy…

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From 2011 to 2022, CT hospital budgets devoted 12% to administration labor and 30% to direct patient care labor

By Ellen Andrews | March 21, 2024

Download the brief Download the data Parsing the latest data from NASHP’s Hospital Cost Tool finds that in 2022, Connecticut’s…

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CT middle of the pack for doctors

By Ellen Andrews | March 18, 2024

Connecticut ranks 29th in a new analysis on the Best and Worst States for Doctors by Wallet Hub. Physicians are…

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Book Club: Recoding America – Why Government is Failing in the Digital Age and How We Can Do Better

By Ellen Andrews | March 12, 2024

If you’ve ever muttered under your breath about the inefficiency/waste/frustration/etc of government at all levels, you have to read Recoding…

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Analysis: What to do about private equity in healthcare?

By Ellen Andrews | March 8, 2024

The news is full of Prospect Medical Holdings, a private-equity fund, laying waste to three Connecticut hospitals. State policymakers are…

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Bristol Health Cares explores advocacy in CT healthcare

By Ellen Andrews | February 25, 2024

A recent episode of Bristol Health Cares features a conversation with Kurt Barwis, President and CEO of Bristol Health and…

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