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Connecticut Health Policy Project
  Improving Connecticut's Health Through Information

The Connecticut Health Policy Project is a non-profit, non-partisan research and educational organization dedicated to improving access to affordable, quality health care for all Connecticut residents.

What's New?

March 2018 - Dashboard update: Bright spot - Info to consumers 

February 2018 - Balanced info for HUSKY members on controversial PCMH+ plan

February 2018 - OP-ED | Advocates must warn consumers of risks when the state won’t

February 2018 - Medicaid Study Group prescription to preserve, build on Medicaid success

February 2018 - Dashboard update: Disappointment on reform continues, deepens

January 2018 - ANALYSIS | CT Health Reform Reaches New Low, But There Are Hints Of Optimism

January 2018 - Thoughtleader survey: CT drops to a C on health reform, good advice for next Governor

January 2018 - OP-ED | Prescription Costs Are Squeezing Out Other Connecticut Priorities, But We Have Options

January 2018 - Corrected Chartbook: CT Drug Spending squeezing out other spending

January 2018 - Dashboard update: Concerns grow across sectors

December 2017 - OP-ED | Policy Failures: Why Healthcare Innovations Don’t Travel Well

December 2017 - Dashboard update: Budget slashes health care

November 2017 - Chartbook on CT health spending

November 2017 - Dashboard update: Status quo - again

October 2017 - Connecticut gets a C for pre-term births

October 2017 -  Connecticut Medicaid only state to earn A+ for access to HepC drugs

October 2017 - New CT insurer report card online

October 2017 - Dashboard update: Status quo

September 2017 - ANALYSIS | Connecticut's Uninsured Rate Still Dropping, But Congress May Unravel Progress

September 2017 - Connecticut's uninsured rate continues to drop

September 2017 - Questions about Medicaid experimental reform implementation, Response

September 2017 - Dashboard update: Very little change - but not in a good way

August 2017 - Dashboard update: One step forward, two steps back, but still fighting forward





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