CT Health Reform

Health First and Primary Care Authority Updates

By Ellen Andrews | June 23, 2008

Last Thursday both Authorities met in separate meetings. The Health First Authority is collecting information on CT’s spending on health…

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Governor vetoes pooling bill

By Ellen Andrews | June 13, 2008

Today Governor Rell vetoed HB-5536, An Act Establishing the Connecticut Healthcare Partnership. While she applauded the intent of the bill,…

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HealthFirst Authority update

By Ellen Andrews | May 29, 2008

Today the Authority tried to narrow down the options they will consider for study through the rest of the process.…

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Pooling bill update

By Ellen Andrews | May 27, 2008

First, the good news. The Attorney General has issued an opinion on HB-5536, House Majority Leader Donovan’s bill to allow…

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Pooling Bill rhetoric heats up

By Ellen Andrews | May 22, 2008

Rep. Chris Donovan’s proposal to allow municipalities and small businesses to buy into the state employee plan passed the House…

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HUSKY/PCCM/Charter Oak update

By Ellen Andrews | May 18, 2008

At Friday’s Medicaid Managed Care Council meeting, DSS described plans to transition 337,181 HUSKY members from the current non-capitated, fee-for-service…

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Health First/Primary Care Authority updates

By Ellen Andrews | May 14, 2008

Today’s joint meeting of the two Authorities was interesting. Mitch Katz, MD, MPH, San Francisco’s health director presented on their…

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HUSKY, Charter Oak and other session updates

By Ellen Andrews | May 9, 2008

The General Assembly acted on very few health proposals this year. Some things that did pass: HB 5536 — Rep.…

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Charter Oak update

By Ellen Andrews | May 6, 2008

Last night, the House passed a stripped down version of the Charter Oak fix bill, 5617, leaving only mental health…

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