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Primary Care Case Management (PCCM): A New Option For HUSKY

February 1, 2009, in just a small part of the state, HUSKY began offering a new option to families and health care providers desperate for an alternative to the troubled HMOs. Primary Care Case Management (PCCM), called HUSKY Primary Care in Connecticut, is based on the patient-centered medical home model, built on delivering care through a team of providers and giving patients the tools and support they need to keep themselves healthy. In Connecticut, PCCM providers are paid on a fee-for-service basis for the care they provide plus a modest sum of $7.50 per member per month to coordinate care.

Thirty other states successfully use PCCM to run their Medicaid managed care programs. In those states, both providers and patients are generally more satisfied with PCCM programs than with traditional HMOs and health outcomes are improved. PCCM will reduce HUSKY administrative burdens and give providers and patients more control over medical decision-making.

January 1, 2010 PCCM/HUSKY Primary Care will become available to HUSKY families in the New Haven and Hartford areas. An army of students, interns and volunteers is working to make sure providers and families know about this important option. If you would like to get involved, send us an email or call us (203) 427-8242 for more information.

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