Advocates ask DSS yet again for a robust evaluation of risky experiment before expanding

By Ellen Andrews | February 17, 2017

Twenty-three independent advocates sent a letter today again urging the state to conduct common sense evaluation of the first wave of a…

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PCMH + evaluation plans – weak review and too late to matter

By Ellen Andrews | January 13, 2017

Wednesday DSS unveiled their initial plans to evaluate PCMH +, the new experimental HUSKY shared savings program that just started…

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ICD-10 holiday fun from STAT News

By Ellen Andrews | December 23, 2016

Holiday humor from STAT News includes a piece outlining ICD-10 medical codes for typical holiday health problems. If you’re looking…

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Twenty-six advocates support DSS decision to evaluate Medicaid reform

By Ellen Andrews | July 29, 2016

Wednesday 26 independent consumer advocates wrote the Lieutenant Governor supporting DSS’s decision to evaluate outcomes after the first wave of…

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New Haven Register Forum: ICER part of solution in addressing drug effectiveness, cost

By Ellen Andrews | June 1, 2016

From yesterday’s New Haven Register: The news is full of recent drug companies’ breathtaking price hikes. A new study by Reuters finds…

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CEPAC meeting affirms the value of outpatient palliative care, but more research is needed

By Ellen Andrews | April 1, 2016

At yesterday’s meeting in Hartford, CEPAC took a deep dive into the clinical and cost effectiveness of palliative care delivered…

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CEPAC meeting next Thursday in CT – come watch smart people debate and vote on the effectiveness of palliative care interventions

By Ellen Andrews | March 24, 2016

The March meeting of CEPAC, New England’s comparative effectiveness council, will be in Hartford next Thursday, the 31stat the Bushnell.…

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CEPAC coming to Connecticut – effectiveness of palliative care

By Ellen Andrews | January 21, 2016

The March meeting of CEPAC, New England’s comparative effectiveness council, will be in Hartford on the 31stat the Bushnell. CEPAC…

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How CT can save $1 billion

By Ellen Andrews | January 12, 2016

Per person costs in CT’s Medicaid program fell, actually went down, by 5.9% last year. If the rest of CT’s…

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