Connecticut's Budget Process

Throwing money at a problem has a bad rap - it's like firefighters throwing water on a fire.

-- Congressman Barney Frank

Connecticut's budget process can seem intimidating, but it needn't be. The budget drives most of Connecticut's state policies, especially in health care. Advocates are well advised to pay attention and learn the basics.

We've designed this page as a series of answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Beginning advocates should read it through from the beginning. More experienced advocates can skip ahead to specific answers by clicking on the question.

Many thanks to Alan Calandro for his generous assistance in updating this page.

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Legislative Advocacy

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How a bill becomes a law


A look inside Connecticut’s budget process from Alan Calandro, former director of the Connecticut legislature’s nonpartisan Office of Fiscal Analysis

From the Non-Partisan Niche: Inside the Budget Process, CT News Junkie

From the Nonpartisan Niche: Inside the Budget Process – Part 2, CT News Junkie

The predictable corruption of the Connecticut budget process, CT Mirror


CT School + State Finance Project

Comptroller’s Bond Allocation Database

Office of Fiscal Analysis

Fiscal Year 2022/2023 budget development Office of Fiscal Analysis

The budget process Office of Fiscal Analysis

Budget books Office of Fiscal Analysis

Fiscal notes Office of Fiscal Analysis

Office of Policy and Management

State Treasurer

Auditors of Public Accounts

Bond Commission

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