CT Health Reform

Anthem not bidding on Charter Oak or HUSKY

By Ellen Andrews | March 26, 2008

Last week, Anthem sent a letter notifying DSS that they will not be submitting a bid for the joint HUSKY/Charter…

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Charter Oak update

By Ellen Andrews | March 19, 2008

HB-5617 – the “Charter Oak fix bill – passed the Human Services Committee yesterday with substitute language along party lines.…

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Human Services Committee passes bill delaying HUSKY HMO contracting and delinking from Charter Oak

By Ellen Andrews | March 13, 2008

Today the Human Services Committee passed a stripped down version of HB-5618, An Act Concerning Revisions to the HUSKY Plan.…

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Healthcare Partnership public hearing

By Ellen Andrews | March 7, 2008

HB-5536, An Act Establishing the Connecticut Healthcare Partnership is being heard in the Labor Committee as I am writing. The…

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Health First Authority update and callers to the helpline

By Ellen Andrews | March 5, 2008

Yesterday, I was in a meeting of the Cost, Cost Containment, and Finance sub-group of the HealthFirst Connecticut Authority. The…

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Administration opposition to HB-5617, Charter Oak fix bill

By Ellen Andrews | February 29, 2008

Testimony from Governor Rell, DSS Commissioner Starkowski, OHCA Commissioner Vogel, OPM Secretary Genuario, and DPH Commissioner Galvin in the Human…

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HUSKY transition update

By Ellen Andrews | February 22, 2008

Also at yesterday’s Appropriations’ Human Services Subcommittee meeting, DSS reported on the HUSKY transition from four fully-capitated managed care organizations…

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Bills we are following

By Ellen Andrews | February 22, 2008

HB-5617, AA Delaying Implementation of and Making Revisions to the Charter Oak Plan and HB-5618, AAC Revisions to the HUSKY…

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Health First Authority meeting update

By Ellen Andrews | February 20, 2008

At today’s meeting of the Health First Authority, their fifth, members expressed frustration with the group’s slow progress. The group…

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