CT Health Reform

Why an individual mandate won’t work in CT

By Ellen Andrews | January 5, 2009

A new paper by the CT Health Policy Project outlines why an individual mandate, a law requiring every state resident…

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HealthFirst Authority draft report

By Ellen Andrews | December 23, 2008

The Authority’s much anticipated draft report was unveiled earlier this month. Thankfully, it does not include a recommendation for an…

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Health First Authority update

By Ellen Andrews | December 9, 2008

The Authority is winding down, but there is still no draft of the plan. At Monday’s meeting, members got a…

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Charter Oak “pettiness”

By Ellen Andrews | November 20, 2008

To root out the sources of “negativity” about the Governor’s troubled Charter Oak program, on Friday DSS Commissioner Starkowski made…

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AG, Health Care and Child Advocates call on Governor to separately re-bid HUSKY and Charter Oak contracts

By Ellen Andrews | November 17, 2008

In a press conference today, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, State Health Care Advocate Kevin Lembo, and State Child Advocate Jeanne…

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Governor delinks HUSKY from Charter Oak, guts PCCM

By Ellen Andrews | November 16, 2008

Friday afternoon Governor Rell announced that she will reverse two long standing policies that jeopardized health care for over 340,000…

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New law allows children to stay on their parents’ policies until age 26, but there’s a catch

By Ellen Andrews | November 7, 2008

A new law takes effect January 1, 2009 that allows children to stay on their parent’s health policies to age…

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PCCM applications rolling in

By Ellen Andrews | November 3, 2008

They are still counting provider applications at DSS for participation in PCCM, but early returns are encouraging. Dozens of providers…

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PCCM could save HUSKY more than $100 million over HMOs

By Ellen Andrews | October 27, 2008

An analysis by the CT Health Policy Project estimates that it will cost the state $113 million more annually to moving…

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