Care Delivery

Advocates’ guide to underservice recommendations

By Ellen Andrews | August 4, 2015

SIM is seeking to radically transform our state’s $30 billion health system and has chosen a shared savings payment model…

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Webinar online – Caring for high-need patients – Lessons for CT

By Ellen Andrews | June 24, 2015

Evidence is growing that we cannot fix our health care system without addressing the needs of the small number of…

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CSG/ERC Hopkins tour highlights patient safety, care coordination and cancer innovations

By Ellen Andrews | August 6, 2014

Yesterday’s off-site trip to Johns Hopkins from the CSG/ERC annual meeting was impressive. We heard about out of the box…

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Medicaid Council update

By Ellen Andrews | November 13, 2013

Friday’s Medicaid Oversight Council meeting focused on the success of the Intensive Care Management Program. The program provides the most…

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PCCM/HUSKY Primary Care now on Facebook

By Ellen Andrews | August 27, 2010

The effort to move PCCM forward in Connecticut is taking a new turn – yes, we are joining Facebook! Type…

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DSS outlines options to move HUSKY away from capitation – or not

By Ellen Andrews | August 14, 2010

At yesterday’s Medicaid Care Management Oversight Council (formerly known as the Medicaid Managed Care Council), DSS outlined three policy options…

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PCCM Update

By Ellen Andrews | February 22, 2008

At yesterday’s Appropriations’ Human Services Subcommittee meeting, DSS reported on progress toward implementing a pilot Primary Care Case Management program…

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Governor’s proposal to cut interpreters faces opposition

By Ellen Andrews | February 18, 2008

An article on reports on Friday’s press conference by legislators opposing Governor Rell’s proposal to cut $4.7 million for…

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Over 40 million Americans missed needed health care services due to cost

By Ellen Andrews | February 6, 2008

18.6% of American adults did not receive needed medical care in 2005 because they could not afford it, according to…

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