Care Delivery

Advocates offer recommendations for Medicaid shared savings future

By Ellen Andrews | May 10, 2019

The first year of Connecticut Medicaid’s PCMH Plus experiment in shared savings was disappointing. The program cost the state at…

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Better, safer ideas to support primary care in Connecticut

By Ellen Andrews | April 25, 2019

Download the report Primary care is the foundation of the health system. It is, or should be, patients’ first interaction…

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SIM primary care capitation proposal gets another tepid reception

By Ellen Andrews | April 12, 2019

This week, SIM presented to the Healthcare Cabinet their proposal to capitate primary care, initially for Medicare members, but eventually…

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PCMH+ update: discussions ongoing to fix problems

By Ellen Andrews | April 11, 2019

At yesterday’s MAPOC Care Management Committee meeting, DSS and Mercer reported on their plans for PCMH+, the controversial shared savings…

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CTNJ: ACOs may be the new HMOs, And they need a watchdog

By Ellen Andrews | April 3, 2019

Care for a growing number of Connecticut residents is being directed by an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and very few…

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Seven years later, Connecticut Medicaid still saving taxpayers money

By Ellen Andrews | February 18, 2019

Download the report As with most health care in Connecticut, Medicaid spending was rising quickly before 2012 growing by almost…

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Mixed results from great study on Medicaid behavioral health interventions

By Ellen Andrews | January 18, 2019

Yesterday’s MAPOC Complex Care Committee meeting focused on results of an adult high behavioral health need member initiative by Beacon,…

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Comments to DSS opposing increase in PCMH Plus funding for program that didn’t improve quality and increased state costs

By Ellen Andrews | January 9, 2019

Read the full comments Thank you for this opportunity to oppose this amendment to add an additional $600,000 to the…

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PCMH Plus Year 1 Performance and Savings Results: Increased state costs but little evidence of impact on quality

By Ellen Andrews | December 20, 2018

Read the full report This month, Connecticut Medicaid announced the first year performance of PCMH Plus[1], their controversial new shared…

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