Care Delivery

Half of current COVID hospital admissions are Medicaid members

By Ellen Andrews | July 13, 2020

Connecticut Medicaid has taken a serious hit from COVID. At Friday’s Medical Assistance Program Oversight Council meeting, we learned that…

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CTNJ: COVID Response Offers Opportunities for Connecticut’s Future Healthcare System

By Ellen Andrews | June 15, 2020

The pandemic has been tragic in both lives lost and economic damage, especially to low wage workers. Our already flawed…

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Share your ideas to support Connecticut health care coordination, access, and quality

By Ellen Andrews | April 29, 2020

The state is rushing to implement an expensive Health Information Exchange to access $48 million before a federal deadline. The…

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PCMH (no Plus) program continues to grow and improve care

By Ellen Andrews | January 10, 2020

At MAPOC’s Care Management Committee meeting Wednesday, the state provided the latest numbers from the successful Person-Centered Medical Home program.…

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Community health centers still struggle with ED visits

By Ellen Andrews | December 14, 2019

As in the past, Medicaid patients of Connecticut’s community health centers are far more likely to visit an ED than…

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Survey finds CT ACOs planning services for high need members

By Ellen Andrews | November 25, 2019

Similar to national results, a new survey of Connecticut Accountable Care Organizations for MAPOC’s Complex Care Committee by the CT…

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CTNJ Analysis: When Making Things Better Makes Things Worse: Algorithms, Data and Racial Bias

By Ellen Andrews | November 20, 2019

Unintended consequences are old news; so why are we surprised every time it happens? Computer programs developed to target care…

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CT Medicaid child checkup rates jumped when HMOs were fired

By Ellen Andrews | September 27, 2019

Well-child screenings increased twelve percent for HUSKY children between FY 2001 and FY 2012, according to a new report from…

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Housing community explores successful CT collaborations to promote health

By Ellen Andrews | September 23, 2019

Over 300 Connecticut affordable housing stakeholders joined Governor Lamont and other speakers at the Affordable Housing Alliance’s 30th annual conference…

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