Care Delivery

New Cost Cap industry-driven committee gets going

By Ellen Andrews | January 6, 2022

Members of the Office of Health Strategy’s (OHS) latest committee to drive down the growth in Connecticut’s healthcare spending moved…

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FAQs on OHS’s Primary Care Roadmap

By Ellen Andrews | January 3, 2022

Download the FAQs here Connecticut’s Office of Health Strategy has developed a Primary Care Roadmap to support primary care in…

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Public comment concerns with CT’s primary care plan

By Ellen Andrews | January 1, 2022

Read the public comments Public comment concerns with CT’s primary care plan Today, the CT Health Policy Project submitted public…

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OHS primary care committee sharply critical of agency’s plan

By Ellen Andrews | November 30, 2021

In this month’s meeting of the Office of Health Strategy’s Primary Care Subgroup, patient and consumer advocates joined insurers raising…

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Response to OHS primary care capitation defense

By Ellen Andrews | November 15, 2021

Today, the CT Health Policy Project responded to a letter from the Office of Health Strategy regarding concerns from 25…

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Cost Cap primary care project only focusing on raising spending, not services

By Ellen Andrews | November 4, 2021

At the October 26th Primary Care Subgroup meeting, in response to questioning by a member, the Office of Health Strategy’s…

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Sign on letter voices deep concerns with primary care capitation

By Ellen Andrews | October 22, 2021

Today twenty-five independent advocates and providers signed a letter to the Office of Health Strategy opposing capitation of primary care…

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CTNJ op-ed: Patient-centered or doctor-centered? Primary care planning is off track

By Ellen Andrews | October 20, 2021

Several state agencies and their committees are planning to expand primary care in Connecticut – that’s a good thing. But…

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Connecticut hospital systems vary in reducing low-value care

By Ellen Andrews | October 7, 2021

A new report published in JAMA Internal Medicine on low-value care provided to Medicare beneficiaries at the health system level…

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