Improve health policymaking — Nominate a claim for fact checking

By Ellen Andrews | July 6, 2020

In Connecticut state policymaking committee meetings, advocates routinely hear questionable claims stated as facts. Often very important caveats and context…

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CTNJ: For a better post-COVID policy process, CT needs to abolish all committees

By Ellen Andrews | July 1, 2020

I couldn’t agree more with my advocacy friends who called on the legislature to open public hearings to online participation.…

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CTNJ: COVID Response Offers Opportunities for Connecticut’s Future Healthcare System

By Ellen Andrews | June 15, 2020

The pandemic has been tragic in both lives lost and economic damage, especially to low wage workers. Our already flawed…

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Opportunity to inform CT community public health priorities

By Ellen Andrews | May 15, 2020

The State Health Improvement Coalition is seeking community members from Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest Connecticut for input on prioritizing the…

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Book Club: Everything you need to know to understand, and fact check, data claims

By Ellen Andrews | May 13, 2020

The pandemic has placed us all in a crash course on health claims, science and data – what we know…

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Share your ideas to support Connecticut health care coordination, access, and quality

By Ellen Andrews | April 29, 2020

The state is rushing to implement an expensive Health Information Exchange to access $48 million before a federal deadline. The…

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WalletHub – CT third worst state for doctors

By Ellen Andrews | March 19, 2020

According to WalletHub’s latest rankings, Connecticut ranks 49th among states and DC for physician practice. Nationally, physician is the highest…

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Lessons from SIM: Advice from Independent Advocates

By Ellen Andrews | February 26, 2020

Download the full responses here Connecticut’s latest attempt to reform our health system, SIM, ended last month. Despite $45 million…

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Help us improve consumer advocacy in Connecticut

By Ellen Andrews | January 6, 2020

With support from the CT Health Foundation, the CT Health Policy Project is updating our online Health Advocacy Toolbox. The…

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