Book Club — You Have More Influence Than You Think

By Ellen Andrews | December 29, 2021

By Vanessa Bohns I want to send every advocate a copy of this book. You Have More Influence Than You…

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Sign up for daily tips on the Art and Craft of Advocacy

By Ellen Andrews | December 14, 2021

You want to make a difference, but advocacy can be confusing, frustrating, and time-consuming. We can help. Sign up for…

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CT Healthcare employment is slowly rebounding, except for nursing homes

By Ellen Andrews | October 25, 2021

Download the report Like other Connecticut workers, healthcare employment was hit hard by the pandemic in March 2020, according to…

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CTNJ op-ed: Patient-centered or doctor-centered? Primary care planning is off track

By Ellen Andrews | October 20, 2021

Several state agencies and their committees are planning to expand primary care in Connecticut – that’s a good thing. But…

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Advocacy Toolbox Addition — Social media for advocates

By Ellen Andrews | July 29, 2021

Social media has become an important tool for advocates. It can be a powerful way to connect with other people…

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Very helpful data Roadmap to promote health equity in CT

By Ellen Andrews | June 21, 2021

While residents of Connecticut’s minority communities face significant disparities in health outcomes compared to white state residents, there has been…

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CT’s well-being is improving, even during the pandemic

By Ellen Andrews | May 27, 2021

Connecticut ranked seventh among states in overall health and well-being last year, according to the latest Community Well-Being Index from…

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OP-ED | When Data Becomes An Excuse To Prevent Change

By Ellen Andrews | April 27, 2021

Data is important. The drumbeat for data-driven policymaking in health care isn’t wrong. Policy decisions that aren’t informed by independent,…

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Book Club — Change: How to Make Big Things Happen

By Ellen Andrews | April 19, 2021

Change: How to Make Big Things Happen by Damon Centola should be required reading for advocates. How do big shifts…

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