Intern Academy agenda updated

By Ellen Andrews | June 7, 2013

  The agenda and speakers list for the June 18th CT Health Intern Academy have been updated. Free and open…

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Health Policy Basics updated for June 18th CT Health Intern Academy

By Ellen Andrews | May 24, 2013

Our CT Health Policy Basics module has been updated, in time for the June 18th CT Health Intern Academy. Free…

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Intern Academy agenda online

By Ellen Andrews | May 17, 2013

The agenda and speakers list for the June 18th CT Health Intern Academy are now online. Free and open to…

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2013 CT Health Intern Academy June 18th in Hartford

By Ellen Andrews | May 9, 2013

Learn valuable skills from health professionals working in the real world of health care and policy at this year’s CT…

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CT Insurance Exchange update

By Ellen Andrews | April 30, 2013

Friday Trinity College sponsored “The Affordable Care Act: Implications for CT”, a conference on how CT is implementing health care…

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ObamaCare 411 smartphone app release Monday at LOB

By Ellen Andrews | March 31, 2013

This Monday Small Business for a Healthy CT will host a live demonstration of Obamacare411, a suite of user-friendly information…

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What can Charter Oak teach the CT health insurance exchange?

By Ellen Andrews | March 27, 2013

A comparison finds lower consumer costs in the current Charter Oak plan than the Access Health CT (the CT Health Insurance…

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Additions to candidate briefing book

By Ellen Andrews | October 22, 2012

New briefs have been added to our CT Health Policy Project briefing book for Connecticut candidates. New briefs include wellness…

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Join us for Consumer Conversations: the CT Health Insurance Exchange

By Ellen Andrews | October 4, 2012

January 1, 2014 every CT resident will be required to secure health coverage. The CT Health Insurance Exchange is being…

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