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Health IT privacy meeting

The first meeting of the HITE-CT privacy committee will be January 11th from 12:30 to 2pm at the LOB. This committee was created in response to legislative proposals to ensure consumers agree to protect their private health information on CT’s new electronic health information exchange. HITE-CT is the quasi-public entity federally funded to create an…

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Comments on federal ACO proposal, Changing Face of Medicaid

CMS has issued the proposed rule under national health reform to implement Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) for Medicare beneficiaries. ACOs are a new way of paying for health care, moving away from fee-for-service to paying for value. An ACO is a network of health care providers spanning the care spectrum paid to provide for all…

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Health IT privacy consent webinar

Slides and video of yesterday’s webinar on patient privacy protection in health information exchange are online. The webinar included Ted Kremer of the Rochester RHIO and Steve Allen of Steve of Western NY Health e Net. Both RHIOs, like the rest of all New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts exchanges operate on an opt-in privacy…

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News Round up

Public hearings for rate increases approved by Appropriations Committee Medical marijuana bill passes Public Health Committee and and,0,6931683.story OP-ED — Why I’ll be opting out of CT’s health information exchange SustiNet press and and Paid sick days debate continues Questions about pooling plan and nonprofits…

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Bad news on health information privacy for CT patients

The HITE-CT Board met last night and approved the insufficient opt-out privacy model for CT’s health information exchange that defaults people into the system unless they figure out how to get out. Board membership is dominated by bureaucrats, large health care institutions and attorneys who represent them.Consumer advocates raised many objections, did significant research on…

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Getting health information exchange right

Anyone who shows up in an ER unconscious wants to know that the doctors treating them have all the information they need to make them well. It is also critical to keeping health costs down and reducing duplicate testing. But a proposed opt-out policy could jeopardize all that. An OP-ED by Helen George highlights the…

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Health information privacy complaint filed against Hartford Hospital

State employee unions have filed a complaint with HHS’ Office of Civil Rights about Hartford Hospital sending letters to union members and patients about tense rate negotiations with Anthem. The union contends that the hospital is trying to scare patients to create leverage in their negotiations with CT’s largest insurer. The state uses Anthem’s network…

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DPH public hearings on health information technology plan, privacy policy

Next month, DPH will be holding public hearings and accepting public comment online on their proposed plan for health information exchange for Connecticut. The plan includes a controversial privacy policy recommendation to default all patients into the system, unless they affirmative opt-out. Under the opt-out plan, providers would be responsible for removing any sensitive information…

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Frustrating eHealth privacy meeting

Today’s meeting of the CT Health Information Technology and Exchange Advisory Committee’s Legal and Policy Subcommittee was frustrating. I was asked to come to discuss the concerns I raised in testimony at their public hearing June 23rd about an opt-out privacy policy for health IT exchange in CT. The committee members at the meeting included…

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Aetna paper health files sold with used furniture

Lest any reader think that paper health records are more secure than electronic files, the Hartford Courant reports that file folders with personal information on 4,900 people were accidentally left in a filing cabinet sold or given away free. Eighteen of the members whose information was in the files are Connecticut residents. The filing cabinet…

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