Smart Savings

State moving to ASO and PCCM for all Medicaid consumers

By Ellen Andrews | February 8, 2011

At a press conference today, Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman and OPM Secretary Ben Barnes announced that CT’s Medicaid program will…

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Painless way to save $40 million in HUSKY

By Ellen Andrews | January 21, 2011

Our new policymaker issue brief outlines how moving HUSKY to self-insurance should save the state at least $40 million, without…

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The final word – HUSKY ASO cost less than HMOs – or it should have

By Ellen Andrews | January 18, 2011

At Friday’s Medicaid Oversight Council meeting Mercer actuaries gave us the final comparison of the costs of the HUSKY program…

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Fifteen ways to save money in CT’s health care budget

By Ellen Andrews | November 5, 2010

The next administration faces an unprecedented budget deficit. The good news is that CT has barely scratched the surface of…

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Cheap solutions to big problems work better; small is the new big

By Ellen Andrews | June 23, 2010

In a hilarious TED talk, marketing expert Rory Sutherland points out the counter productive trend to throw big money at…

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Governor’s budget proposal – lots of cuts and a plan to reform HUSKY HMOs

By Ellen Andrews | February 4, 2010

In her budget proposal released yesterday, the Governor proposed shifting the current HUSKY HMOs away from capitation back to a…

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Governor’s mitigation plan slashes health programs; 13 better alternatives offered

By Ellen Andrews | November 25, 2009

Yesterday the Governor released her plan to address the $470 million deficit for this fiscal year. This is on top…

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Medicaid Managed Care Council update

By Ellen Andrews | September 11, 2009

Today’s Medicaid Managed Care Council meeting touched on some new issues and revisited some old ones. There was a strong…

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HUSKY rate audit released

By Ellen Andrews | June 3, 2009

The audit of large rate increases granted to the HUSKY HMOs last year has been released. Accounting firm Milliman found…

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