Study finds Americans living in liberal states, like CT, live longer but we can do better

By Ellen Andrews | October 27, 2022

Recently, working-age Americans’ mortality has reversed its historic declines, largely due to lack of progress on heart disease, and rising…

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DSS responds to advocates’ questions about HUSKY maternity bundles

By Ellen Andrews | October 18, 2022

More than one in three Connecticut births are covered by the HUSKY program, including some pregnancies at risk for poor…

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Analysis: New study finds 1 in 5 households has medical debt that averages $21,687

By Ellen Andrews | October 7, 2022

Having health insurance is no longer the protection it used to be. A pair of new studies shine a bright…

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Number of uninsured CT residents continues down despite COVID

By Ellen Andrews | October 3, 2022

Download the report The latest numbers from the US Census on US health coverage last year find that there were…

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Op-Ed: Governor’s Healthcare Record Misses Opportunities

By Ellen Andrews | September 13, 2022

Last week, the Governor and his administration held a press conference nominally to promote their efforts to lower healthcare costs,…

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OP-ED: Be careful in making changes when the glass is half full

By Ellen Andrews | September 7, 2022

There is good news on Connecticut health spending – and we can use it. Analysis of new data has found,…

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Good news on CT healthcare costs

By Ellen Andrews | August 28, 2022

New data from researchers at the University of Washington on state per person healthcare spending finds that between 2013 and…

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CTNJ Op-Ed: Advice from an advocate for the next OHS Director

By Ellen Andrews | June 10, 2022

Op-Ed: Advice from an advocate for the next OHS Director This week the Lamont administration announced that Vicki Veltri will…

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DSS’s new patient survey has little to say

By Ellen Andrews | April 27, 2022

DSS’s consultants reported on the results from their new patient experience/satisfaction survey for PCMH Plus members at this month’s MAPOC…

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