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Updates on health policy in Connecticut

Medicaid transportation gets a closer look

Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash For the second month in a row, MAPOC focused in on the Medicaid transportation contractor’s ...
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Public comment open for CT health planning data

The state Department of Public Health is in the midst of planning for improving the health of every Connecticut resident ...
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CTNJ: Analysis — How industries influence healthcare spending, and it’s working

There are a thousand ways that healthcare is different than other economic sectors and those differences keep the market from ...
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CT insurers lost enrollment in 2018, Spent 89% of premiums on medical care

There were 332,015 fewer Connecticut residents with commercial insurance coverage last year than in 2017, according to the latest Consumer ...
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Thirty medically complex children stuck in CT hospitals waiting for home health care cost state over $100 million

Last week, MAPOC’s Complex Care Committee heard from the three remaining home health agencies that provide care for Connecticut’s most ...
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CT healthcare price variation varies

Prices vary by city and for selected healthcare treatments, in some cases substantially, according to Healthscore CT, using the new ...
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If the ACA is overturned, one in four Connecticut adults could lose coverage due to a pre-existing condition

A new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that 529,000 non-elderly adults (24%) in Connecticut have pre-existing health conditions ...
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CTNJ: CT’s uninsured rate is down and stable, so who’s still uninsured?

According to the latest numbers from the US Census, 187,000 Connecticut residents or one in twenty of us, were uninsured ...
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Connecticut deductibles are high and rising, but premiums are rising more slowly

Download the report New numbers from the 2018 US Medical Expenditure Panel Survey finds that deductibles for private-sector health insurance ...
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