Affordable Housing Alliance legislative breakfast highlights housing-health connection

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At today’s well-attended Affordable Housing Alliance of CT legislative breakfast, Sen. Saud Anwar, Housing Committee Co-Chair and a physician, emphasized the strong connection between health status and housing. People with insecure housing are more likely to be in poor health. Homeless youth have higher rates of teen pregnancy, early drug use, and depression. Unstable housing impacts education, employment, and social networks. While Connecticut has done a good job of reducing homelessness, we are the third most costly state for housing. Connecticut ranks as one of the most segregated states for housing. He and his Co-Chair, Rep. Brandon McGee, outlined bills they have sponsored to address the crisis. Rep. Hilda Santiago shared her story of overcoming homelessness and a HUD representative announced millions in new federal housing grants to Connecticut and answered questions. The breakfast attracted over 100 advocates, developers, housing authority representatives, and residents.