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Archive for July 2018

Connecticut Medicare ACOs overspent by $45 million in 2016

Data from CMS show that in 2016 Connecticut’s Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) together spent $45 million more on care for Medicare beneficiaries above risk-adjusted benchmark spending levels. ACOs are networks of providers across the continuum that coordinate care for people and receive a share of the savings they generate. All of Connecticut’s Medicare ACOs only…

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Two thirds of CT residents prioritize healthcare for their vote

The newest survey by InformCT found that 63% of state residents cited healthcare as the leading issue in their vote for CT’s next Governor. In Congressional races, healthcare was cited as the most important by 67% and by 65% for choosing between state House and Senate candidates. Healthcare was cited at virtually the same priority…

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CTNJ op-ed — Facts, and data, are stubborn things

Big data is revolutionizing healthcare. The ability to collect reams of detailed information about how care is provided, how much it costs, and then to link that back to effectiveness and outcomes is powerful. New data tools offer the potential to improve individual and collective decision-making that targets just the right resources to the right…

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Summer reading — What the Eyes Don’t See

To save money in 2014 the state of Michigan switched Flint’s drinking water supply, with disastrous consequences. The latest addition to the CT Health Policy Project Book Club, What the Eyes Don’t See by Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, follows her journey as a pediatrician with a conscience fighting the state to protect Flint’s kids. Not an…

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Last year CT physicians and teaching hospitals received $34 million from manufacturers and GPOs

New data shows that 21 teaching hospitals and 13,310 physicians in CT received $34 million in payments and gifts from drug and device manufacturers and Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) last year. Open Payments, the searchable federal data source, was created by the Affordable Care Act which requires that manufacturers disclose payments to physicians and teaching…

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Summer reading: CT Medicine special issue highlights HIT in CT

The latest issue of CT Medicine, the CT State Medical Society’s peer reviewed journal, focuses on the great potential of Health Information Technology (HIT) to improve healthcare delivery, safety and building a learning system in our state. But it also highlights the substantial HIT challenges facing CT and stresses on physicians. The issue includes articles…

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