MAPOC: Harnessing the power of data analytics to improve health

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Last week, MAPOC’s Complex Care Committee heard an exciting presentation by Alan Fontes of UConn Analytics and Information Management Solutions.  Alan came to UConn from DeLoitte where he led their project providing healthcare advanced analytics and information management for states across the US. He described the power of analytics to help guide smart planning for health systems like Medicaid, which is especially important for members with complex, chronic conditions. It’s important to first understand the questions that need answers. My favorites are “What are the most common preventable events?”, “How do we get consumers involved with managing their own care?”, and “How do I develop and monitor performance based incentive programs?”. He described how a well-designed analytics and information system can track disease progression, gaps in care, care coordination, and outcomes among other options. The other critical piece is to make the data, and the analysis, available to all involved users, including policymakers and advisors, through dashboards that allow drilling down into the data – not carefully selected bullet points on a Powerpoint slide. The Committee kept Alan almost an hour over his time with questions and a very lively discussion about the potential for Connecticut’s Medicaid program. As we now have access to all claims data in the program this could be a vast improvement in running the program, improving health, and carefully targeting scarce resources. Several members have followed up with Alan for more discussions.