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Archive for December 2017

CT spends more on healthcare per capita than other Americans, but less as a percent of total spending

While average per capita healthcare service spending by Connecticut residents at $7,509 was the 13th highest among states last year, at 15.4% of total consumption, we were below the US average, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Connecticut residents’ average healthcare service spending was the lowest in New England. Total per capita personal consumption…

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MAPOC: Harnessing the power of data analytics to improve health

Last week, MAPOC’s Complex Care Committee heard an exciting presentation by Alan Fontes of UConn Analytics and Information Management Solutions.  Alan came to UConn from DeLoitte where he led their project providing healthcare advanced analytics and information management for states across the US. He described the power of analytics to help guide smart planning for…

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Heated debate – healthcare vs. health care

Have you ever wondered if health care should be one word or two? Apparently it is currently two words, according to the Associated Press, but the debate is heating up. Each side has strong support and even stronger feelings about the subject. I always thought that the CT Health Policy Project used two words, but…

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