CT rates well among states in public health emergency preparation, but room for improvement

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This year CT earned 7.3 points out of 10 possible in the latest assessment of preparedness for community health emergencies, a small increase from 7.2 over last year. But CT did better than the US average at 6.8. The National Health Security Preparedness Index has measured states’ ability to respond to health security threats such as a Zika outbreak or a natural disaster for the last four years. The Index includes metrics such as vaccination rates, hazard plans for public schools, the number of paramedics and hospitals. Compared to the US average, CT performed best for Incident and Information Management – public health alerts to communities and multi-agency coordination —  but worst for Health Security Surveillance – monitoring and identification of disease outbreaks. Vermont scored best among all states with 7.8 points. The report includes detailed information on Connecticut’s performance and challenges on many metrics. The report concludes with areas that need work to ensure public safety in public health emergencies.