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Archive for February 2017

New report finds adults in Medicaid expansion states like CT have better access to care, fewer financial barriers

A new report from the CDC provides the first analysis of the population-based impact of the Affordable Care Act. The analysis used data from the 2014 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, a state-based ongoing survey of adult Americans about health risk behaviors, chronic conditions, health care access and use of preventive care. As for previous…

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Just under half of CT’s private sector workers have employer health insurance; CT 8th highest among states in high-deductible plans

Between 2014 and 2015, 48.7% of private sector workers in CT were enrolled in coverage at work, according to a new analysis by SHADAC. That rate is a combination of the percent of private establishments that offer health coverage (86.3%), the percent of workers who are eligible (78.0%), and the percent who accept, or “take…

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Advocates ask DSS yet again for a robust evaluation of risky experiment before expanding

Twenty-three independent advocates sent a letter today again urging the state to conduct common sense evaluation of the first wave of a risky new program before expanding the program, as promised. Advocates have learned that the planned evaluation will not be available until 2 months after the RFP for the second wave is finalized and released. In addition, current…

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Governor proposes new health reform planning agency, and more cuts to HUSKY parents

The Governor’s state budget proposal, released today, includes $5.8 million in rearranged funding and staff for a new Office of Health Strategy, effective July 2018, to “enhance coordination and consolidate accountability for the implementation of the state’s health care reform strategies.” The office will combine OHCA (formerly a separate agency, but now part of DPH…

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Senators Sanders and Cruz debate the ACA tonight

We don’t usually highlight federal actions on this blog, but this event promises to be very interesting. Tonight at 9pm CNN is hosting a debate between Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) and Sen. Ted Cruz (TX) on the Future of Obamacare. Senator Sanders has been an outspoken critic of President Trump’s plans to repeal the Affordable…

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ICER revises value assessment methodology, public comments open

The non-profit Institute for Clinical and Economic Review has posted for comment their updated Value Assessment Framework. ICER is an independent research institute that analyzes evidence on the effectiveness and value of drugs and other treatments, including evidence-based calculations of prices for new drugs that accurately reflect their value in long-term patient outcomes and highlighting…

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CT Health Reform Dashboard update reflects Medicaid concerns

February’s CT Health Reform Dashboard update reflects growing concerns about CT’s Medicaid program. Problems with the new EVV system threaten consumer access to home care, provider sustainability and privacy rights. The experimental PCMH+ program began a month ago, but no information on the program has been shared and plans for evaluation too little and too…

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