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Archive for March 2016

DSS publishes a consumer-friendly PCMH description

For last week’s MAPOC Consumer Access Committee meeting, DSS developed a clear and simple descriptionof Person Centered Medical Homes (PCMHs). The presentation focuses on what person-centered means – both provider and member responsibilities. Members learn what they can expect from providers, and what is expected of them. “Care is organized around you” balanced with “Support…

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CEPAC meeting next Thursday in CT – come watch smart people debate and vote on the effectiveness of palliative care interventions

The March meeting of CEPAC, New England’s comparative effectiveness council, will be in Hartford next Thursday, the 31stat the Bushnell. CEPAC is an independent council of clinicians, academics and consumer advocates who take a deep dive into research around treatments for specific conditions, sorting out and voting on clinical effectiveness, but also which are worth…

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Happy 6th Birthday to the Affordable Care Act

Regardless of whether the ACA is meeting expectations or not, it bears some reflection six years after passage — what’s been accomplished and what remains to be done.  If you have forgotten what’s in the 906 pages, re-read the Act here.

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Good news on CCIP – SIM’s plan for Medicaid

As recommended by independent advocates and others at from the Care Management Committee, DSS and SIM have agreed to make SIM’s Community and Clinical Integration Program (CCIP) optional for Medicaid provider networks, at least for the first year. Advocates and others on the committee were concerned that the plan was too prescriptive, very expensive, and…

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Advocates’ concerns to preserve PCMHs in Medicaid reform rejected

Last week independent advocates sent a letter to DSS urging them to preserve and support person-centered medical homes (PCMHs) in Medicaid redesign, but unfortunately our concerns were dismissed by the administration. PMCHs are the only reform that has extensive support in the literature as improving both access to quality care and success in controlling costs.…

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Medicaid creating a committee to assess access to care

Prompted by new federal regulations, at today’s Medicaid Council meeting DSS announced the creation of a Medicaid Medical Care Advisory Committee that will track quality and access to care in the program. The committee will advise on an Access Monitoring Plan, due out July 1st, to ensure that Medicaid members’ access to care is similar…

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Advocates’ letter urges delay of SIM plans for Medicaid

Fifteen independent advocates sent a letter to the administration yesterday expressing deep concerns with SIM’s Community and Clinical Integration Plan (CCIP) for Medicaid. Advocates are concerned that CCIP will undermine hard-won progress in our state’s Medicaid program that has improved access to high quality care while controlling costs. In contrast to successful programs in other states, SIM…

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