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Archive for November 2015

Op-Ed — CT Medicaid: Don’t Mess With What’s Working

In an unusual twist, two prominent legal aide attorneys highlight Medicaid’s exceptional performance in improving quality, expanding access to care and controlling costs in a New Haven Register op-ed yesterday. CT’s Medicaid program is remarkable in actually lowering the cost of care for members, while improving the care they receive.  Legal aid’s role is not…

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22,166 CT residents sharing $1.8 million in ACA premium rebates

Over $469 million in 2014 insurance premium rebates will soon be going back to US consumers including 22,166 CT residents, according to CMS. CT rebates will average $177 per family. Since 2011, under the Affordable Care Act, insurers are required to spend at least 80% of individual and small group insurance premiums on medical care…

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RFP open for state health planning grant

At today’s Health Care Cabinet, we heard about the RFP for health care planning made possible by passage of SB-811 this year. Section 17 of the law directs the Cabinet to compare mechanisms to improve health care value in Connecticut looking to other states and assessing what would work best here. The plan for the…

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Funds available to pay medical bills for Hartford area residents

There are funds available to cover Hartford area residents’ medical bills that aren’t being spent. Responding to requests, Nelson and Elsie Brainard started the fund in 1957 to help people “of modest means” facing unemployment and bankruptcy because of high medical bills. The Fund now spends hundreds of thousands each year covering bills, but as…

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CT health reform progress up slightly this month

CT’s progress toward health reform inched up this month to 25.7%, ending a four month decline. New Medicaid numbers confirmed that per person costs continue to decline, long after the initial savings from switching away from capitated insurers. The continued progress suggests that structural changes like patient-centered medical homes, quality incentives and intensive care management…

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