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Archive for September 2015

C-HIT forum on the benefits of preventive care

Join C-HIT for a community health forum, Get Health Wise: The Benefits of Preventive Care, Oct. 7th from 5:30 to 7:30pm at the Artists Collective in Hartford. Hear from clinicians about how to manage diabetes, heart disease, cancer, mental health and primary care’s central role.

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CTNJ Op-Ed: Let’s Halt the Rush to Risky Medicaid Experiment

Today’s CT News Junkie includes an opinion piece urging caution and more time for thoughtful deliberation in moving 200,000 HUSKY members into a very new, untested payment model that is costing more for Medicare. CT’s Medicaid program is a success story – improving quality, increasing providers, and lowering costs – but that success is fragile.…

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Advocates’ Medicaid Study Group offers recommendations for Medicaid shared savings reform

Over a dozen Connecticut independent consumer advocates representing diverse populations and issue areas spent the last several months diving deep into Medicaid shared savings and today released recommendations for our state’s program. The Medicaid Study Group formed early in 2015 in response to a request from the Co-Chairs of the Medicaid Council’s Care Management Committee to…

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$103 million in new budget cuts Medicaid, mental health services

  On Friday, the administration announced $103 million new budget cuts in response to lagging revenues. The biggest cut is $63.5 million in Medicaid, reportedly focused on hospitals. Community providers raised concerns about the impact of the cuts, including $7.4 million in behavioral health funding and $5 million from services for people with developmental disabilities,…

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Ten SIM committee members sign alternative stronger ethics policy

Ten brave SIM committee members signed a stronger ethics policy in place of SIM’s weaker policy. Advocates were given until this Wednesday to sign SIM’s policy or they would “not be able to participate as members in future meetings of the advisory groups.” The alternative policy agrees to also abide by the State Code of…

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CT median insurance premiums often higher on exchange than off

According to an analysis by the US Government Accountability Office of health insurance premiums, CT consumers paid more on our exchange than off, for many plan choices both last year and this year. This is unusual among states; nationally the best deals are usually found on health insurance exchanges. Median monthly silver-level premiums for a…

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Advocates support SIM underservice, cherry picking protections

Connecticut’s SIM plan acknowledges that risks of inappropriate under-treatment and cherry-picking are higher in new shared savings payment models. Advocates were successful in getting a provision included in the SIM final plan that prohibits payment of shared savings to provider networks that systematically deny needed care or cherry pick patients to generate those savings. The…

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