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Archive for March 2015

CTNJ Op-Ed: Health Neighborhood cuts misguided

An Op-Ed in today’s CT News Junkie focuses on the Governor’s proposal to cut funding for innovative health neighborhood pilots to serve state residents eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid. This program will improve the quality of care for Medicaid’s most costly aged and disabled members, providing significant savings to the state’s budget. The program…

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Guest blog: It’s Not Patients’ Fault!

No, really, it’s not our fault. According to a study published last month by JAMA Oncol, it is a myth that escalating health costs are driven by patients “demanding” tests and treatments. It simply is not happening. Rather, it would appear that responsibility for factors ranging from poor communication, to “defensive medicine”, to deliberate overpricing…

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Medicaid MCOs not working in Missouri, inhibiting expansion, MO could learn from CT’s experience

Legislators are reluctant to expand Missouri’s Medicaid program because the managed care organization (MCO)-led program not as efficient as the traditional fee-for-service (FFS) program, according to a Kaiser Health News article. In a January presentation to the MO HealthNet Oversight Committee, agency representatives noted that while hospital admissions are lower in the population cared for…

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CTNJ Op-Ed: McDonald’s rejects chicken fed antibiotics

An Op-Ed today in CT News Junkie celebrates McDonald’s for refusing to sell food from chickens fed antibiotics. 23,000 Americans die each year from antibiotic-resistant superbug infections. Over use and inappropriate use of antibiotics has led many bacteria to become resistant (superbugs), rendering critical antibiotics useless. Experts are concerned that development of new antibiotics is…

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Free dental clinic next weekend

The annual CT Mission of Mercy annual free dental clinic will be this Friday and Saturday at Western CT State University in Danbury. The clinic provides cleanings, fluoride treatments, extractions, fillings, limited dentures and root canals and X rays to people who can’t afford dental care. Interpreters are available. The CT Foundation for Dental Outreach…

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