SIM update

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CMMI announced Tuesday that Connecticut was among eleven states whose SIM application was approved. CT expects to receive $45 million over four years to support reform.

The SIM Health IT Council will hold its first meeting today at 1pm at the LOB. Commissioner Bremby of DSS,  which has been given responsibility for developing an Health IT plan for the state, presented on the state’s plans at the last SIM steering committee meeting. The ambitious but thoughtful plan includes infrastructure, risk profiling, a consent registry, and other critical pieces to create a functional system for CT.
The SIM workforce council has been placed on hold. Only one of the three original workforce proposals was included in the final SIM applications. UConn will no longer be leading that effort.

The Chartis Group has been chosen as consultants to support the work of the Equity & Access Committee to develop a system of underservice monitoring. The Committee will meet with the consultants for the first time tonight at 6pm in Rocky Hill.