SIM administrators seeking planning consultants should avoid prior mistakes

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State SIM administrators are soliciting bids for a new set of consultants to guide the implementation process. Given the problems with the SIM final plan development process, advocates offer these recommendations. This time:

  • ·      Use an transparent, objective process that is open to all qualified applicants
  • ·      Avoid any perceptions of political and other conflicts
  • ·      Require a familiarity with CT’s health system and history, or at least a willingness to learn
  • ·      Require strong, broad research skills
  • ·      Require the consultants to be open to and respectful of all stakeholder ideas and perspectives
  • ·      Prohibit biases toward pre-conceived payment or other theoretical models that conflict with CT realities
  • ·      Select for strong listening skills, both to committee members and the much larger wisdom of the stakeholders crowd, avoid perception that all the answers reside in any small committee
  • ·      Select for a record of respectfully engaging that wisdom and incorporating it into implementation to engage everyone in making SIM work
  • ·      Select for consensus-building skills over rhetoric
Advocates look forward to contributing to SIM’s implementation and ensuring a success that benefits every state resident.