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Archive for July 2014

CT health reform progress dips to 28%

  CT lost ground in progress toward health reform according to the August CT Health Reform Dashboard. The state moved backward to 28% completion mainly due to the new SIM/Medicaid plan that has drawn concerns from many stakeholders, less transparent policymaking, and concerns that a federal grant is driving health policy choices. Progress on patient-centered…

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New SIM under service survey — please help protect consumers

The SIM Equity and Access Committee is working to develop a monitoring system for inappropriate underservice as CT’s health system moves toward shared savings payment models. Underservice can be denial of appropriate care, limiting expensive treatment options, limiting access to certain providers, avoidance of consumers that may not generate savings, or cost shifting to consumers.…

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$3 million in ACA insurance rebates coming to CT residents

69,186 CT residents will soon receive $3 million in rebates from insurers that spent less than 80% (individual coverage) or 85% (large groups) of premiums on medical or quality improvement services last year. The rebates result from Medical Loss Ratio provisions in the ACA. CT’s total is down from $5.6 million in total refunds for…

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New to Book Club – Think Like a Freak

The newest addition to the CT Health Policy Project Book Club, Think Like a Freak, offers tools to unlock creativity in problem solving, using new perspectives to solve intractable challenges – and health care has a lot of those. Freakonomics and SuperFreakomomics, earlier CT Health Policy Project Book Club selections, gave us interesting examples of…

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